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About Us

We’re Part of Your Journey

We welcome you to Southwest Virginia and your off-road adventure!  Whether you are new to the sport or an old-hat, you are guaranteed to have a great time on the Jawbone Trail. 

Appalachian Adventures & Outfitters, Inc., offers great side-by-side machine rentals to explore Spearhead Trails' Jawbone trail system from the Richlands, Virginia Trailhead.   Centrally located in town, we’ve got you covered with all of your rental needs. We carry a selection of Polaris side-by-side (SXS) models at unbeatable rental prices to allow you to enjoy your adventure.  We offer machine rentals (which come with helmets, goggles and a full tank of gas), t-shirts, hats, coolers, snacks and products to help you enjoy your outing to the maximum extent...and be vigilant!  There could be a Bigfoot in them woods! 

If you want to visit our area and need a place to stay, we can help with that too!  Ask about staying at nearby Holiday Inn Express and your special discount when visiting Appalachian Adventures & Outfitters, Inc.  We will also direct you to Fannie's Restaurant right off the trail for the best food around.

Stop by the shop at 5894 Governor George C. Peery Highway, Richlands, Virginia, and our friendly crew will show you how to properly adventure safely in style.  Just want to talk about it before visiting?  Great!  Give us a call (276) 779-4343.  We'd love to hear from you!

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