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When you need to know...

What should I wear?  Wear clothes that are comfortable that you are not afraid to get really dirty or muddy.  The machine is reasonably protective; however, you must remember that you will be in the woods and around bushes, branches, and other items that can potentially rip clothing.  Some riders wear shorts; however, we recommend long pants. If it is chilly be sure to bring a jacket and dress in layers.  Remember – you can take extra stuff with you easily…so bring an extra layer to take along. Bring extra clothing. You will want to bring an extra set of clothes in case of weather changes and also to change into after the tour. Your clothes will get dusty when riding on the trails. Wear closed toe shoes.


Are tours guided?  Can be, or they can be on your own.


What if we want a guide?  Guides are available with advanced reservations.


How much is a guide?  $50 per hour.


Can I go off trail?  No, you must stay on marked trails at all times and respect the environment.


Do we need to arrive early?  Yes, half an hour early please!


Why do we need to arrive early?  You need to do paperwork, watch a safety video and get directions.


Are reservations required? Reservations are not required, but they are highly recommended. 


How long are tours?  We have several options.  Please see our Services page.


Where is check in?  Our shop at 5894 Gov. George C. Peery Highway, Richlands, Virginia 24641.  Grab a coffee, complete your paperwork and off you go!


Do You Operate Year-Round? Yes! Wanna ride in the snow…no problem.  Want to see autumn foliage, absolutely.  Spring and Summer – you bet!


What is the cancellation policy?


Do you require a deposit to rent?  Yes.  Deposit is placed on your credit card.


Can I rent overnight? Yes, if you want.  We can make a special arrangement for this upon request.


Can I drive through water/mud?  Yes – but not overly deep water.  That is part of the fun!


What if we do not return on time?  There is a $100 per hour late fee when returning your ATV late. Sorry, getting lost is not a valid excuse.  Please keep in mind that a later return also affects the customer renting the unit immediately after you.


What happens if I break down?  Breakdowns are rare as all of our ATV’s are reasonably new, but you will call us and we will come out and help you, we will give you time for the time you lost if the problem was not your fault. (please note that only the Side-by-Side (ATV) that breaks down will get extra time).


Do I need to pay for gas?  No it is included with your rental.

Do I pay for gas on a 24 hour rental?  We get the machine full and are not required to have it full when you come back as it is included with your rental.


Are there restrooms on the ride?  Unfortunately, no.  You will be in the wilderness during your ride.  There are restrooms at the shop so be sure to take advantage of that before heading out. 


Will I be required to sign a waiver of liability?  Yes.  Riding off-road side-by-sides is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in injury or even death.  You must acknowledge this and agree that you are taking on the activity with this understanding.


Is there a weight limit?  Yes.  The units are rated for total weight of passengers and take-alongs  at 900 pounds.


Are helmets required? Absolutely…at all times while on a machine you must wear a helmet.


Can I use my own helmet?  Yes, As long as it is DOT approved.


Are helmets provided? Yes, free with every rental.


Is eye protection required? Yes.  Eyeglasses are sufficient, as are sunglasses, safety glasses or goggles.  We will provide basic protection as part of your rental.


Can a pregnant woman ride?  Not recommended.  The terrain is rough and the ride is bouncy.  The nature of the ride could be detrimental to the woman or unborn child.


How do I get started?  You can book online, or call us at (276) 779-4343.  We will set up your trip and help you make decisions about timing, where to go, where to stay, suggestions for things to do and get your schedule ready.


How old must a person be to drive a machine?  16 years old to drive under the supervision and responsibility of the renter.


How old must a person be to rent?  18 years old.  Must have a valid driver’s license and a credit card with sufficient limits to permit the deposit.


Am I required to purchase a trail Permit?  Yes.  You can choose a Spearhead Trails day permit or annual permit.


Is there a fee for parking?  Nope.  Absolutely free.


Where can I find a trail map?  We will provide you with a paper map of the Jawbone Trail.  We will also show you how to download the maps from


What should I bring?  Extra clothing, snacks, water or drinks (although you can buy these at our store), medications if you need them during the day,


What is the speed limit?  25 miles per hour.


What do I do if I crash? First – check yourself and any passengers for injuries!  Make sure you are ok.  If you are ok and the machine is operable, consider whether you can contniuie your ride or whether you should stop.  If you need help or if your machine is inoperable, call us immediately at (276) 779-4343. 


What happens if we have an accident or damage is found to the machine or equipment?  If the machine is wrecked and unable to be driven back to the shop you must call us if at all possible. If we have to rescue you or the machine there will be an automatic additional charge for the rescue fee of $125. Your security deposit will automatically be forfeited until the cost of the damage has been determined.  At this time if the cost exceeds the $1000 security deposit the difference will be charged also. If the cost is found to be less than the $1000 security deposit the difference will be refunded to you.  There will be a $50 per day out of service fee applied at the owners discretion for each day that the damaged machine is unable to be rented, not to exceed 20 days after the damage occurred.

Can I camp on the trail?  Unfortunately no.


Can I bring my dog? Absolutely.  Well mannered, non-barking Dogs are allowed on the rides if they are under the riders control at all time and on the rider’s ATV/UTV. Well-mannered dogs are a must so that all other riders can enjoy the ride without any worries of being "disturbed" by someone's dog





  • Leave no trace.  If you take it into the woods with you, bring it out with you.

  • NO alcoholic beverages may be consumed or carried.

  • No use of illegal drugs or any drug that may cause you to have slowed reflexes.

  • Stay on designated roads and trails or other areas open for use.

  • Avoid “spooking” livestock and/or wildlife you encounter.

  • Cross streams at designated crossings only.

  • No outdoor fires.

  • Cross obstacles at an angle, one wheel at a time.

  • Don’t straddle large rocks.

  • Avoid excessive mud if you can while remaining on the road or trail.

  • Turn into ravines or large depressions at about a 45-degree angle.

  • Straddle ruts, even if they are wider than your vehicle. This will keep your vehicle level.

  • Avoid riding the brakes and clutch which can lead to brake failure.


Trail Etiquette

Many times ATV riders will come in contact with other user groups sharing the same lands, roadways, or trails. It is important to practice common courtesies when riding your ATV on a trail:

  • Be considerate of others on the trail and keep to the right

  • Slow down when passing

  • Ride only where permitted

  • Leave gates as you find them

  • Yield the right of way to bikes, horses, and hikers

  • Carry out what you carry in

  • Wave and say “hello” as you pass

  • Report downed trees and trail maintenance needs to us at Appalachian Adventures & Outfitters, Inc.

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